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Kepler -47 third planet

Astronomers have found a 3rd planet within the Kepler-47 system, securing the system’s title as probably the most fascinating of the binary-star worlds. Utilizing information from NASA’s Kepler house telescope, a group of researchers, led by astronomers at San Diego State College, detected the brand new Neptune-to-Saturn-size planet orbiting between two beforehand identified planets.

With its three planets orbiting two suns, Kepler-47 is the one identified multi-planet circumbinary system. Circumbinary planets are those who orbit two stars.

The planets within the Kepler-47 system have been detected through the “transit methodology.” If the orbital airplane of the planet is aligned edge-on as seen from Earth, the planet can go in entrance of the host stars, resulting in a measurable lower within the noticed brightness. The brand new planet, dubbed Kepler-47d, was not detected earlier because of weak transit indicators.

As is frequent with circumbinary planets, the alignment of the orbital planes of the planets change with time. On this case, the center planet’s orbit has turn into extra aligned, resulting in a stronger transit sign. The transit depth went from undetectable at first of the Kepler Mission to the deepest of the three planets over the span of simply 4 years.

The SDSU researchers have been shocked by each the scale and site of the brand new planet. Kepler-47d is the biggest of the three planets within the Kepler-47 system.

“We noticed a touch of a 3rd planet again in 2012, however with just one transit we would have liked extra information to make sure,” mentioned SDSU astronomer Jerome Orosz, the paper’s lead writer. “With an extra transit, the planet’s orbital interval might be decided, and we have been then in a position to uncover extra transits that have been hidden within the noise within the earlier information.”

William Welsh, SDSU astronomer and the research’s co-author, mentioned he and Orosz anticipated any extra planets within the Kepler-47 system to be orbiting exterior to the beforehand identified planets. “We definitely didn’t count on it to be the biggest planet within the system. This was nearly stunning,” mentioned Welsh. Their analysis was not too long ago printed within the Astronomical Journal.

With the invention of the brand new planet, a a lot better understanding of the system is feasible. For instance, researchers now know the planets in on this circumbinary system are very low density – lower than that of Saturn, the Photo voltaic System planet with the bottom density.

Whereas a low density will not be that uncommon for the scorching hot-Jupiter kind exoplanets, it’s uncommon for mild-temperature planets. Kepler-47d’s equilibrium temperature is roughly 50 levels F (10 levels C), whereas Kepler-47c is ‑26 levels F (‑32 levels C). The innermost planet, which is the smallest circumbinary planet identified, is a a lot hotter 336 levels F (169 levels C).

The internal, center, and outer planets are 3.1, 7 and 4.7 instances the scale of the Earth, and take 49, 187 and 303 days, respectively, to orbit round their suns. The celebs themselves orbit one another in solely 7.45 days; one star is much like the Solar, whereas the opposite has a 3rd of the mass of the Solar. Your complete system is compact and would match contained in the orbit of the Earth. It’s roughly 3340 light-years away within the course of the constellation Cygnus.

“This work builds on one of many Kepler’s most fascinating discoveries: that techniques of closely-packed, low-density planets are extraordinarily frequent in our galaxy,” mentioned College of California, Santa Cruz astronomer Jonathan Fortney, who was not a part of the research. “Kepler‑47 reveals that no matter course of varieties these planets – an consequence that didn’t occur in our photo voltaic system – is frequent to single-star and circumbinary planetary techniques.”

This work was supported partly by grants from NASA and the Nationwide Science Basis

12-year-old boy designs a ship which can clear and save Oceans from plastics

Oceans aren’t the same anymore.Over a period of time a lot of changes have taken place. Oceans are filled with more plastic than water. And the bitter truth is unfortunately these drastic changes is brought out by us .We “Humans”.

And the major impact is on the entire marine system, and it is on ‘red alert’ zone. The surprising truth is that there are over 5 trillion pieces of plastic which are floating beneath the surface, gradually eliminating marine life. We might have to react quickly before it’s too late.

We’ve seen sea turtles getting badly affected by plastic straws that got stuck in their noses. We also noticed whales dying after swallowing so many plastics.And we humans are responsible for this shameful act and if it continues in the same manner , then we may have to face some severe penalties in a while sooner or later.

Analysing the current situation, the world wants more problem solvers to revive issues again to back regular.
Delightedly , a 12-Year-Old boy from India’s Pune, Haaziq Kazi gives us some ray of hope to the world by his invention that may clear and save our oceans and its creatures.

Hailing from Mumbai, this boy has designed a ship ‘ERVIS’ that could assist suck waste out of the oceans’ floor. Kazi says that he had the urge to design ERVIS when he was at school. It began when Indus International School asked its students to provide with a innovative project, and carry out a session on it.

He drew his inspiration from documentaries on the National Geographic channel on plastic and its impact on marine life Kazi started doing some research. He took his research to another level when he took on Dutch inventor Boyan Slat’s TED Talk on how he dealt with the ocean’s plastic drawback, reports The Better India.

“I figured I may create a ship, which may go and reverse the harm that we, as human beings, have executed. Therefore the concept of ERVIS was born,” he said. When asked about how he actually feels when he’s praised because the is just a kid , he said,
“I don’t think about it too much. My life goes on, as usual. It’s the same school, same assignments, same home, same friends and so things haven’t actually modified a lot. Besides generally, it does really feel good when people speak about it however being an introvert, I don’t like speaking an excessive amount of about it. And once I generally actually give it some thought, I really feel a bit overwhelmed visualising the issue I’m attempting to unravel”.

He stated that he was very eager engaged on this project since 2016 as he took round two years to finish the masterpiece. Throughout the course of, he collaborated with few scientists and designers to come up with a model of the identical with the help of a 3D artist.

Thanking his mother and father and his school for their guidance and support, he said: “ERVIS, my dream, my passion.”

Talking about the challenges he faced , he said:
“I was figuring out on what I wanted ERVIS to do, understanding the magnitude of the problem and how I don’t end up having ERVIS contribute to the problem that I’m trying to solve.

They use excessive sulphur gasoline and eliminate waste in oceans. I needed ERVIS to deal with the issue by utilizing cleaner fuels like hydrogen or RNG and do waste assortment from ships in oceans.”

ERVIS will probably be using more cleaner fuels like solar, wind, RNG and hydrogen. Speaking about how the ship was only a part of school project and nothing more he said,“To be honest, nobody thought ERVIS had a future at that time.

My mother was super supportive. They were always proud of me about how I utilised my thought process on a problem that I felt passionate about, but that was about it.”

Kazi added,” The focus is on the problem and how I can best utilise this opportunity to help the world overcome this issue through ERVIS to help and solve the major issue the world is facing right now. “

Apple takes ‘Slofie’ to USPTO



Your eyes must be at Apple when they talked iPhone and 11 Pro could do “slofies,” but the company is taking things more seriously. Apple has applied to the USPTO ( United States Patent and Trade Mark Office ) for a trademark on the term “Slofie” when it comes to “downloadable computer software program for use in capturing and recording video.”



The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is an agency in the U.S.Department of commerce that issues patents to inventors and companies for his or her inventions, and trademark registration for product and intellectual property identification.

The USPTO is “distinctive amongst federal agencies because it operates solely on charges collected by its customers, and never on taxpayer {dollars}”. Its working construction is sort of a simple enterprise it receives requests for services—applications for patents and trademark registrations—and charges fees projected to cover the cost of performing the services provided”.

The current Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the USPTO is Andrei Iancu .

The company does not refer to clips as “slofies” outside its marketing arena for the new iPhones. But the trade mark is just a step up to protect the feature with luckily no much investment has been done on the concept.

New cancer remedy prevents hair loss from chemotherapy



A novel methodology discovered recently by a group of researchers, exhibits how hair loss from chemotherapy might be prevented throughout cancer treatment in patients, arguably one of the psychologically distressing negative effects of modern cancer therapy. The research revealed within the journal EMBO Molecular Medicine describes how damage to the hair follicles attributable to taxanes, cancer medication which may trigger permanent hair loss, might be prevented.

To do that, the analysis team has exploited the properties of a more recent class of medicine referred to as CDK4/6 inhibitors, which block cell division and are already medically authorized as so-called “targeted” cancer therapies.

“Though at first, this appears counter intuitive, we discovered that CDK4/6 inhibitors can be utilized quickly to halt cell division with out promoting additional toxic effects within the hair follicle. After we bathed organ-cultured human scalp hair follicles in CDK4/6 inhibitors, the hair follicles have been much less inclined to the damaging results of taxanes,” research lead writer Talveen Purba from the University of Manchester said.

Taxanes are essential anti-cancer medication generally used to deal with, for instance, sufferers with breast or lung carcinoma and significantly trigger anxieties amongst breast cancer sufferers for the very distressing and generally long-lasting hair loss taxanes can induce.

“A pivotal a part of our research was to first become familiar with how precisely hair follicles responded to taxane chemotherapy, and we discovered that the specialised dividing cells on the base of the hair follicle which might be crucial for producing hair itself, and the stem cells from which they come up, are most weak to taxanes.

“Subsequently, we should defend these cells most from undesired chemotherapy results — however so that cancer doesn’t profit from it,” Purba stated.

The researchers underscore that more work is desperately wanted on this lamentably under-funded discipline of cancer medication, where sufferers have waited for thus long to see actual breakthroughs in pharmacological hair loss prevention.

OYO enters star accommodations section in India



OYO Hotels & Homes, world’s third-largest and fastest-growing chain of hotels, homes and living, announced that it has partnered with Mountania Developers, a partner company, that has acquired a 64-suites building close to Ellis Bridge in Ahmedabad.

The SoftBank-backed firm will redesign the building right into a premium up market hotel, which might be operated under OYO brand to primarily cater to business travellers looking for a high-quality hospitality experience.

The building will bear an thrilling transformation to be completed later this year, post which we’ll formally open the doorways to this hotel under a brand new model name,” said Aditya Ghosh, CEO, India & SA, OYO Hotels & Homes.

OYO goals to offer customers a brand new, young and vibrant ambience to relax and rejuvenate while retaining true to its core promise of offering quality and comfortable stays.

Located within the vicinity of the airport and railway station, the building features designed wooden floored rooms with amenities including fashionable furniture, air conditioning, satellite TV, mini bar, telephone, wardrobe, and free Wi-Fi access.

For business travellers, the hotel aims to supply corporate-friendly services like lavish breakfast spread, complimentary airport pickup, mini fridge and tea coffee maker, and valet parking amongst others. The suites are categorised as Deluxe, Classic, and Presidential Suites.To cater to the conferences and banquet needs of the visitors, there are five Banquet Halls and Boardroom inside the premises and might be operated beneath OYO owned brand.

The building will even sport a wellness centre that features spa and fitness center facilities to assist guests enjoy some downtime.
With this, the Ritesh Agarwal-led Indian hospitality unicorn is entering the four-star hotels segment in India.

Based on experiences, the acquisition price is claimed to be between Rs 35-40 crore.Commenting on the announcement, Aditya Ghosh, CEO, India & SA, OYO Hotels & Homes, said,

“I’m actually excited to announce the opening of our 64 suites up-scale hotel in Ahmedabad. This segment holds lots of promise for us given the fast development of the hospitality business over the previous few years. The worldwide upscale and luxurious resort market is predicted to witness large development and at OYO, we need to leverage this chance to allow our visitors to experience #Livingthegoodlife, even while travelling for business.”

Within the coming years, the worldwide luxury hotel market is anticipated to witness vital development.

The Gurugram-based agency is also eyeing to enter the five-star and seven-star accommodations categories. The hotel chain is in advanced talks close to 10 premium properties house owners, as per a Mint report.

SoftBank-backed Oyo Hotels & Homes has also reportedly acquired a four-star hotel Fortune Select Metropolitan Jaipur, which is managed by ITC Hotels for about Rs 40 crore.

Of late, OYO has been on an assets buying spree.Recently, OYO had purchased Hooters Casino Hotel in Las Vegas in August. The company has partnered with Highgate, which operates Hooters Hotel, to create its first key flagship within the metropolis. The transaction quantity of the deal was round $135 million.

Oyo had additionally dedicated $300 million to renovate properties in Europe. Three months ago, the hospitality firm had acquired Amsterdam-based @ Leisure Group from Axel Springer for an undisclosed amount.

Early this month, it acquired Danamica, a Copenhagen-based information science platform which is specialised in dynamic pricing. Danamica, has machine learning and business intelligence capabilities specialised in dynamic pricing, which will be leveraged across its vacation rental brands – Oyo Home, Belvilla and DanCenter.

OYO will work with Gurugram-based hospitality firm Mountania Developers, that will assist purchase the assets, while OYO leverages its core experience in property on-boarding, renovation, and redesigning.

Founded in 2013, OYO Hotels & Homes’ portfolio combines fully operated real estate comprising of more than 23,000 hotels and 125,000 vacation homes in more than 800 cities in 80 international locations, including the US, Europe, UK, India, China, Malaysia, Middle East, Indonesia, Philippines, and Japan.






A new robotic gripper can alter its grip depending on what it’s holding.
Human hands have remarkable skills that allow manipulation of a range of objects. We can pick up an egg or a strawberry without smashing it. We can hammer a nail. One reason our hands can perform such a variety of tasks has to do with our ability to alter the firmness of our grip.
Researchers designed the new two-fingered robotic hand to do the same thing.
The design of the robotic hand allows it to absorb energy from impacts during collisions, researcher say. This prevents whatever the robot is holding from breaking, and also makes it safer for people to work with and near the machines.
Such grippers would be a valuable asset for human-robot partnership in assembly lines in the automotive, electronic packaging, and other industries, says Ehsan Esfahani, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering in the University at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
“Our robotic gripper mimics the human hand’s ability to adjust the stiffness of the grip. These grippers are designed for collaborative robots that work together with people. They’re going to be helpers, so they need to be safe, and variable stiffness grippers help to achieve that goal.”
Magnets are the secret behind the robotic gripper’s versatility, Esfahani says. Instead of having two fingers fixed in place, each of the gripper’s fingers has a magnetic base that sits between two neodymium magnets that repulse, or push against, the finger.
The air gap between the magnets acts like a spring, creating a little give when the hand picks up an object or collides with an external force. User cans also increase or decrease the space between the magnets to adjust the stiffness of the grip.
In one test, the engineers placed a short stick of spaghetti lengthwise between the fingers of the robotic hand. When the gripper crashed into a fixed object, the device detected the external force, which caused the magnets to adjust their position, temporarily reducing the stiffness of the grip and allowing the gripper to absorb some of the energy from the collision.
The end result? The spaghetti stick stayed in one piece.
It’s possible to attach the gripper to commercially available robot arms already in use in many facilities, Esfahani says. That could lower the cost of adapting the technology for companies interested in improving the safety and capabilities of existing machines.

Alphabet launches new app to regulate air traffic for drones

Google parent’s firm Alphabet has just launched a brand new app to help  manage air traffic for drones.Aviation had initially launched the app, known as Open Sky, in Australia where it had gained approval from  government authorities for air traffic compliance.
Earlier in the year, Wing gained approval to launch its first public drone delivery service in Australia after the nation’s aviation authority gave it nod to go ahead.The app will provide drone operators a greater understanding and access to drones that fly in that region.

“When a drone flyer enters a particular area, the Australian Open Sky app provides a list of guidelines which covers vital factors, including airspace restrictions,hazardous situations nearby , and proximity to airports and heliports,” the company explained .

Open Sky users in Australia may also provide alerts related to emergency  situations, about nearby sporting events that are happening , or different situations that may affect available airspace.

Thinking on the aspects of the future , drones may help us  to re think about various  industries and provide many useful services such as emergency response assistance, infrastructure inspection and help us with easy transportation of goods and services.

IBM collaborates with Yara to develop digital farming platform



Leading crop nutrition firm Yara International has announced a partnership with IBM that will see the companies collaboratively develop a world-leading digital farming platform that may present holistic services and data-driven agronomic advice.

Yara said the platform will allow a rise in global food production rates through insights continually generated by IBM’s digital platforms, AI and data analytics capabilities.

Machine learning and in-field data might also present farmers worldwide with advice that will improve the efficiency of their operations, with the firms aspiring to cover 100mn hectares of farmland (7% of arable land worldwide).

“Our collaboration facilities around a common goal to make a real distinction in agriculture. To be able to responsibly feed a rising population, it is crucial that farmers increase food production on current farmland to avoid deforestation,” said Terje Knutsen, EVP Sales and Marketing at Yara.

“Yara and IBM will develop digital solutions that empower professional and smallholder farmers to optimise farming practices to increase yields, crop quality and incomes in a sustainable method.”

Luq Niazi, IBM’s Global Managing Director of Consumer Industries, added:

“As demand for food rises along with the world’s population, the digital farming platform will play a key role in increasing global farming yields in a sustainable method.

“The collaboration is a perfect symbiosis of IBM’s capabilities in AI, large data management and block chain expertise and Yara’s agronomic knowledge, farmer-centric digital innovation, and proven track record in enhancing farming across the globe.”

IBM collaborates with  Yara to develop digital farming platform

Fashion Brands embrace robots at NYFW

During New York Fashion Week (NYFW) , Rag & Bone returned to the runway after a three-year break and, true to form, brought a technology twist to its show. The brand partnered with Microsoft to bring a giant robotic arm to its runway show, which captured 360-degree angles of the models and performers, and presented it to the audience in real-time on screens within the amphitheatre.

Robotics is making an impact in fashion world behind the scenes. For example, many brands are currently using robotics to cut down fulfilment times in warehouses and speed up manufacturing, using robots to cut and sew materials at a faster-than-ever pace.

“Rag & Bone’s robotic arm was a real extension of what they’ve been doing with their larger marketing strategy — using flashy tech like Artificial Intelligence  to create branded experiences. In fact, I might consider it a bit of a stunt, however stunts are at the core of what fashion week is, so it is smart here,” said Darin Archer, chief strategy officer of e-commerce software company Elastic Path. “The key moving forward is to figure out how brands can implement new technologies, not only for flashy experiences, but also to enhance the experience wherever customers engage with the brand.”

Emily Wengert, group vp of user experience at advertising agency Huge worked with magnificence model SK-II this past summer to bring robots into the brand’s pop-up store in Tokyo. The concept was that customers would walk into the shop and inform the robot about some of their skin issues, and the robot would then go through the space and select one of the best merchandise for that individual. In her experience, retailer associates have been very much still a part of the equation when robots have been involved, although it was a part of a temporary pop-up stunt, not a permanent location.

“We still had quite a lot of employees within the store, it just allowed us to create secure spaces for customers. So instead of telling a human all of your skin worries, which could be intimidating, we created a secure space for that. After people went through this process, it was fascinating. They began to desire contact with a salesperson every time,” said Wengert.

Implementing robotics in warehouses is one key area that fashion brands can take a page out of the Amazon and Walmart’ playbook. These manufacturers have been using robots to speed up delivery and take care of large amounts of returns for some time now, and fashion brands shouldn’t hesitate to follow suit, said Karen Leavitt, chief marketing officer at Locus Robotics, which provides retailers with robots as a service (or RAS).