Alphabet launches new app to regulate air traffic for drones

Google parent’s firm Alphabet has just launched a brand new app to help  manage air traffic for drones.Aviation had initially launched the app, known as Open Sky, in Australia where it had gained approval from  government authorities for air traffic compliance.
Earlier in the year, Wing gained approval to launch its first public drone delivery service in Australia after the nation’s aviation authority gave it nod to go ahead.The app will provide drone operators a greater understanding and access to drones that fly in that region.

“When a drone flyer enters a particular area, the Australian Open Sky app provides a list of guidelines which covers vital factors, including airspace restrictions,hazardous situations nearby , and proximity to airports and heliports,” the company explained .

Open Sky users in Australia may also provide alerts related to emergency  situations, about nearby sporting events that are happening , or different situations that may affect available airspace.

Thinking on the aspects of the future , drones may help us  to re think about various  industries and provide many useful services such as emergency response assistance, infrastructure inspection and help us with easy transportation of goods and services.

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