IBM collaborates with Yara to develop digital farming platform



Leading crop nutrition firm Yara International has announced a partnership with IBM that will see the companies collaboratively develop a world-leading digital farming platform that may present holistic services and data-driven agronomic advice.

Yara said the platform will allow a rise in global food production rates through insights continually generated by IBM’s digital platforms, AI and data analytics capabilities.

Machine learning and in-field data might also present farmers worldwide with advice that will improve the efficiency of their operations, with the firms aspiring to cover 100mn hectares of farmland (7% of arable land worldwide).

“Our collaboration facilities around a common goal to make a real distinction in agriculture. To be able to responsibly feed a rising population, it is crucial that farmers increase food production on current farmland to avoid deforestation,” said Terje Knutsen, EVP Sales and Marketing at Yara.

“Yara and IBM will develop digital solutions that empower professional and smallholder farmers to optimise farming practices to increase yields, crop quality and incomes in a sustainable method.”

Luq Niazi, IBM’s Global Managing Director of Consumer Industries, added:

“As demand for food rises along with the world’s population, the digital farming platform will play a key role in increasing global farming yields in a sustainable method.

“The collaboration is a perfect symbiosis of IBM’s capabilities in AI, large data management and block chain expertise and Yara’s agronomic knowledge, farmer-centric digital innovation, and proven track record in enhancing farming across the globe.”

IBM collaborates with  Yara to develop digital farming platform

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