Renault EZ-ULTIMO: a robo-vehicle for a superior mobility proficiency

Imagining tomorrow’s mobility means redefining the paradigm of the automotive virtually completely. We’re on the point of a new world wherein shared mobility services will turn more and more prevalent.

As cities turn into more congested and concrete developments make it simpler for individuals to travel short distances utilizing shared services, the truth of what’s attainable throughout travel time is completely re definable.

Renault is embracing the long run with conviction with the trendy design and  vision to approach the future .

Whether it’s a car, an LCV or a future robo-vehicle, we consider the long run is electrical, connected, autonomous, and – increasingly – shared. They go along with a easy moto of  French Design, Easy Life.

Constructed on the identical platform as EZ-GO, the first concept within the trilogy, which embodies shared urban mobility for all, and EZ-PRO, is the last mile delivery specialist, EZ-ULTIMO constitutes an emotionally powerful robo-vehicle.

A premium mobility resolution that gives everyone the pleasure of being transported as part of an distinctive, unique experience. An experience during which touring takes on a complete new meaning.


Renault EZ-ULTIMO is an all-electric, connected, autonomous robo-vehicle. It’s supposed to be supplied as a service for a single journey, a circuit or a day booking.

EZ-ULTIMO is ideal for expanding premium choices by travel corporations and resorts, to enhance a special moment by means of a private journey in a metropolis or a premium vacationer experience.

Renault EZ-ULTIMO absolutely embodies Renault’s heritage French Design and Simple Life principles. Its design is a component that sets it aside with out sacrificing performance.

  • Produced within the spirit of a “coach 2.0”, this automobile is a comfortable cocoon in which as many as three passengers can view town or the highway from a novel perspective throughout their journey.
  • Its private space is a sort of contemporary first-class lounge that’s accessible to all.
  • Its refined interior is tailored from upscale supplies reminiscent of wealthy wooden, marble and leather-based, permitting passengers to get pleasure from a calming and immersive drive whereas benefiting from onboard services and particular content material for a premium expertise.

Renault EZ-ULTIMO is a robo-vehicle  outfitted with stage four autonomous driving functionality. It might connect with city environments and highway infrastructure, similar to going to an airport or from a resort to a tourist site.

After EZ-GO, which embodies shared city mobility for all, and EZ-PRO, the last mile delivery specialist, EZ-ULTIMO is the third in Renault’s family of ideas specializing in autonomous, electrical, connected, and shared city mobility companies.

Electric motors are of great advantage and shared mobility is an idea that’s now slowly growing and the market response to it will also be appreciable.

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