Rex Omar wins copyright case aganist Joy Industries Limited

Veteran musician, Rex Omar a Ghanaian high life artist has won his 2015 suit against breweries firm, Joy Industries Limited, which used parts of his music ‘Dada Di Da’  without his permission.

The court in its ruling, has ordered damages of GH¢200,000 to be awarded to the musician by the corporate.

After five years of legal battle, the High Court has ordered that a cost of GH¢30,000 be awarded to the musician.

The singer sued Joy Industries Limited in June 2015 for copyright infringements after the corporate used his music to promote their product, Joy Dadi Bitters, without his authorization.

He additionally applied for an interlocutory injunction against the corporate to restrain it from continuing to promote the product together with his music.

In moving the application for injunction, Rex Omar’s lawyer, Golda Denyo of Bentsi-Enchill, Letsa & Ankomah argued that, Joy Industries Ltd has infringed on Rex Omar’s economic and moral rights by not seeking his consent before using the music.

In opposing the application, Joy Industries Limited’s lawyer, Francis E. Polley, argued that the company had spent a lot of money on the commercial and that damages could be satisfactory compensation to Rex Omar.

However, on November 27, 2015, the court delivered its ruling on the application and granted the order of interlocutory injunction that Rex Omar sought.

The corporate was additionally ordered to cease any digital media from taking part in their business with any a part of Rex Omar’s work pending the final determination of a copyrights motion filed towards the corporate by the musician.

Rex Omar additionally received  GH¢1,000 as cost for filing the application.

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